Together, we can bring IFS to bear on a pandemic of depression, anxiety and addiction, and bring greater respect and compassion into everyday interactions.

The Foundation for Self Leadership Board of Directors has established two strategic priorities, and launched a campaign, to achieve this ambitious vision:

  1. Underwrite independent, scientific research that expands empirical EVIDENCE on the efficacy of IFS.
  2. Catalyze proof-of-concept projects that provide ACCESS to IFS for at-risk and underserved populations.

Together, we will realize the promise of IFS.

Evidence | Access


The best way to foster wider use of IFS is to enhance the credibility of the model through empirical evidence, so the Foundation for Self Leadership funds rigorous research into IFS, across various disciplines, for various conditions, and in various settings.

Study on the Efficacy of IFS in Treating PTSD and Opioid Addiction

A Phase-II randomized control trial with individuals suffering from PTSD will examine IFS-treatment outcomes, plus a feasibility study on IFS as a treatment for opioid addiction. The studies are being conducted at Cambridge Health Alliance by a team from the Harvard Medical School. This study will not only open doors for further IFS research; just as importantly, it will establish an IFS-treatment approach for community agencies, which support diverse groups commonly underserved by IFS.

TOTAL NEEDED: $375,000

Study on Pilot IFS Program at Veterans Healthcare Center

This study will take place in conjunction with a program to conduct IFS clinical interventions for veteran clients at a Veterans Administration medical center in Connecticut, U.S. A longitudinal study of outcomes will expand empirical data within the VA facility and would, to the extent that science warrants it, advocate for consideration of IFS as an evidence-based modality across the VA.

TOTAL NEEDED: $125,000

Graduate IFS-based Research   Fellowships

Research support for five graduate students in behavioral science and related fields interested in conducting generally small-scale and publishable IFS research studies. Working with faculty advisors, research fellows will help expand the pool of IFS empirical data and the publication of IFS-oriented studies in peer-reviewed journals.

TOTAL NEEDED: $75,000 ($15,000 per graduate research fellow)

IFS in Graduate Training Programs

Outreach and advocacy efforts in higher education present and promote IFS as a model of the human mind and a protocol for personal and relational development. The intent is to expand the acceptance of IFS as a theoretical framework and practice in graduate curricula within psychology, counselor education and social work, human development, education, and management.

TOTAL NEEDED: $25,000 ($2,500 for advocacy efforts per university)


A recent study by the National Council for Behavioral Health cites “lack of access” as a root cause for the mental health crisis in America. We must meet this need by working through alternative settings like schools, veteran centers, communities of color and the workplace.

Expansion of IFS-in-Schools Initiative

An IFS program across all K12 schools in one urban and one rural U.S. districts. Building on two successful pilot programs at schools in Minnesota and Connecticut, U.S., this district-wide approach will consist of an immersive IFS-oriented experience and coaching for teachers, counseling and other staff, and principals. An independent evaluation of how the initiative enhanced teacher engagement and student outcomes will also be conducted.

TOTAL NEEDED: $225,000 ($112,500 per school district)

IFS Healing Corps – Support for Returning Military Veterans

A pilot program to mobilize certified IFS-trained therapists and coaches to serve veterans directly. Through this healing corps, IFS-based individual and group counseling and coaching will be provided to 20 military veterans through community centers and organizations that sponsor a variety of veteran programs. Simple before-and-after data would be tracked, analyzed, and published.

TOTAL NEEDED: $120,000 ($6,000 per veteran/$60,000 per cohort of 10)

Leadership Fellows Program

A formal one-year-long program for preparing therapists and coaches from community agencies and underrepresented groups to become leading IFS advocates. Selected individuals will take part in extensive training and mentoring experience that will deepen their knowledge of IFS and expand their capacity to become leaders in their communities.

TOTAL NEEDED: $30,000 ($5,000 per leadership fellow/$10,000 per pair)

Incubation of New IFS Applications

An effort to generate interest, pilot and promote new applications of IFS as a coaching model and paradigm for personal and relational help. Possible settings include business and executive leadership, organizational development, medicine and healthcare, mediation and conflict resolution, and spirituality.