For 10 years now, the Foundation for Self Leadership has steadily pursued an ambitious, strategic agenda. We have explored the IFS paradigm and incubated IFS applications of value to the greater good. Our intention: to facilitate widely, in various ways, deeper emotional and relational healing. Healing that might even lead to greater societal wellbeing.

The Foundation for Self Leadership is an independent, nonprofit organization. We think of it as the IFS community foundation—amplifying your philanthropy to advance a shared mission—run by a voluntary board of directors, dedicated team of associates, and growing corps of program volunteers.

We do not claim to be able to change the world—even though we wish it in challenging times like these. We simply invite those willing and ready to partner with this community, to help open an IFS window and guide individuals, groups, and communities out there to look inside…

Partner with us on the life-changing work still ahead.