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Research Review Council

The Independent Research Review Council is established to advise the Foundation’s Board on research funding.

Its members are nominated by the Board or the community at large and serve a renewable 6-month term.

They are to review submitted proposals according to the established criteria and agreed-upon timeline and present a short written report to the Board addressing to what extent applications met the criteria, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and making their recommendations to fund, not to fund, or to fund if certain provisions are met or revisions made.

Members of the Council are affiliated with an academic or research institution and have appropriate credentials. They sign a strict confidentiality and a conflict of interest statement, in which they will pledge to refrain from reviewing proposals from colleagues with whom they have a personal or working relationship.

The review process is coordinated by the Foundation's assigned Research Coordinator.

If you care to nominate yourself or a colleague to serve on the Review Council, please submit their names, titles, emails, and phone numbers to Research@FoundationIFS.org.