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OUTLOOK March 2020

The Foundation is pleased to release the March 2020 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about the new IFS Level 1 Training Manual unveiled by IFS institute; ten basic beliefs for how humans might achieve enduring happiness outlined in The Ten Worlds: The New Psychology of Happiness; and the respect and compassion for the story of your life in IFS coaching.

This issue of OUTLOOK also features the Foundation's plan to support a significant, rigorous randomized controlled clinical study of IFS as a treatment for PTSD & Opioid use; updates on the IFS-in-Schools effort to bring notions of Self leadership and parts-awareness to teachers and staff (and students through them); and ongoing activities to integrate IFS into Medicine and Medical Education.

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OUTLOOK September 2019

The Foundation is pleased to release the September 2019 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how therapists team-up to bring IFS to the world of dietitians, therapists, and beyond; how a conventionally trained doctor embraces IFS for holistic healing; and how IFS impacts expansion of learning and emotional awareness among school teachers and students.

This issue of OUTLOOK also features Stories of Transformation; children’s self-led peace table talks; and how IFS strides along the journey of parenting.

Other community updates include the relation between CSL and the Foundation; introduction to the lives of IFS trainers and their work; and a number of Foundation’s operational updates.

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Toufic Hakim, PhD, to Reengage as Executive Director

A letter to the IFS community from Harley Goldberg, DO, Chair, Board of Directors | August 19, 2019


Dear Members of the IFS Community,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of your Foundation for Self Leadership, I am pleased to update you on the status of your Foundation’s executive director search process, which was initiated in February 2019.

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