New IFS Leadership Fellows Program, Isralei-Palestinian Collective-Healing Effort, A Retrospective on OUTLOOK & Other Valuable Reads

As a companion to the Foundation's earlier news release on October 14, 2021, this release represents the second helping of the October 2021 issue of OUTLOOK, its 14th issue and largest semi-annual edition.

Learn through this edition about the new program to help develop champions of change in communities that have traditionally been marginalized and where IFS has been traditionally inaccessible. Be inspired by efforts to host conversations between Israli Jews and Arabs through inner work. And be moved and inspired by a collection of personal stories of transformation that individuals from various backgrounds, with different experiences, and in different settings are sharing.

This issue gies an overview of the successful series of online dialogues, A Bridge Between US; introduces the new section from the IFS Library... and it commemorates through a heartfelt tribute the now sadly departed Foundation’s Chair Emeritus, Harley Goldberg, DO.

And as has been the practice, OUTLOOK also features IFS trainers and Foundation donors...

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IFS Group Therapy, School Program Evaluation, A Treatment Approach for the Military & Other Significant Reads

The Foundation is pleased to publish the October 2021 issue of OUTLOOK, its semi-annual magazine. This is the 14th issue and by far the largest and this news release introduces the first set of articles within it.

There is a richness of stories, from a series on IFS Therapy in groups to efforts for making IFS accessible to military veterans and servicemembers who stand to benefit significantly. Catch an update on the program that introduced notions of internal parts and Self leadership to school adults in Connecticut and the promising findings of its independent evaluation. And be moved and inspired by a personal story of transformation about how one's IFS-inspired awareness shifted everything for her.

This issue features the latest work on an IFS mobile app and on a popular podcast… and invites you to “Imagine with Us.”

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New IFS-related articles appear in professional journals

New IFS-related articles appear in professional journals

A new research article by Michael Fitzgerald, Assistant professor in Child and Family Sciences at the University of Mississippi was recently published in The American Journal of Family Therapy. In his study of 303 students at two different universities, his paper, Cool, Calm, and Collected: The Associations Between Self-Leadership and Adult Mental and Relational Health Outcomes, showed results that higher Self-leadership, as measured by the 25-item IFS Self Scale, was associated with lower anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and dissociation. Greater Self-leadership was also associated with greater positive relationship quality, and less negative relationship quality.

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The Foundation releases a new series of inspirational videos

With all that is going on in the world and the overwhelming pressures exerted on all of us, holding onto hope and building inner strength are critical. To provide some respite away from this overwhelm, the Foundation releases a series of inspirational videos in partnership with Anna Huckabee Tull. The intent is to send out a reminder through these short and original creations that resilience, calm and solace are within our reach.

The series is posted on the Foundation’s special Playlist, Journey to Self, on its YouTube® channel.

Conceptualized and produced by the Foundation, the series showcases the music of Ms. Huckabee Tull and excerpts from her book Living the Deeper Yes. As we were putting together this collection of quotes from her recent book, music from her songs, and photographs taken by her throughout the course of the merciless global pandemic, Anna said that “something magical happened” for her. “Deep within me, parts that had been hurting, holding, waiting, struggling, and persevering throughout this challenging time began to feel newly heard, making way for some place deeper within me to fill with warmth and love and to dance once again!"

May these videos be inspiring, help sustain the viewer for a moment or two, and invite one’s inner strength to rise to the forefront… and “new ways forward, in deeper harmony with the voices within us and the world around us.”