June 2022

The October 2021 issue of OUTLOOK was the most expansive in the magazine's history.
This is unquestionably the briefest.

Starting With Community

The Foundation for Self Leadership has published 14 issues of OUTLOOK in print and online. OUTLOOK has reported on experiential and empirical evidence about the efficacy of IFS. OUTLOOK has told the stories of practitioners who are expanding applications of IFS. Readers have been inspired to see inner healing as a critical step toward individual resilience and social harmony.

In the process, the magazine has helped nurture the IFS community and supported key strategies to advance the practice of Self leadership in the world.

But it is time to close the cover on OUTLOOK and turn the page to a new platform.

Taking the Next Step

If we are to further the practice in the world, the IFS paradigm must become more accessible to a wider audience. So, we are launching an entirely new, entirely online magazine.

The new publication will continue to highlight the work of the IFS community in research studies and innovative applications. It will also provide thought-leadership in the larger space of individual and collective healing.

New Format. New Forum.

This next generation of the magazine will be both a publication and a forum about healing and wellbeing through IFS. It will be entirely web-based, which provides easy access to content and opportunities for vigorous conversation about IFS programs and applications.

Check your Inbox, Facebook or Twitter for news of the magazine debut in Summer 2022.