New Magazine Shifts the Paradigm

Richard Schwartz, PhD has observed that he is trying to usher in a new paradigm with his IFS model of the human psyche. Now, the Foundation for Self Leadership has created its own paradigm shift with our IFS community magazine, named PARTS & SELF.

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The Ukraine Crisis – A Joint Statement

As the humanitarian crisis deepens in Ukraine, the Foundation for Self Leadership and the IFS Institute, along with the entire IFS community, stand firmly with the people of Ukraine and surrounding countries, and those with loved ones impacted by this crisis.

We extend our support and love to the Ukrainian people, who have been facing horrific attacks, uncertainty and, in many cases, relocation to other locations. What we have been observing violates our core values of humanity, harmony, and love.

As a global IFS community, we also recognize our International Partners, and IFS practitioners in Russia. You have bravely supported the Ukrainian community and continue to express your dismay at the ruthless invasion and the devastation it has caused. We appreciate the challenges you’re encountering and stand by your side as well.

Together, we offer updated and new resources that may help provide support and for some, a greater understanding of the roots of these conflicts with an IFS lens.

Donors Rise to Shivas Challenge

Joy Shivas, MSW, LCSW, and former Assistant Trainer, has been a generous supporter of the Foundation for Self Leadership since 2019. Last year, she asked the IFS community to join her.

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New OUTLOOK Editor Appointed

On March 1, 2022, Helen E. Lees, PhD, was named as only the second Editor in the history of OUTLOOK, the Foundation’s biannual publication.

Helen is an academic and journalist with 30 years of writing experience, including editing a university newspaper, a handbook, a book series and, for 12 years, an online academic journal seeking to support the building of a new academic sub-discipline of alternative education.

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Introducing 24 Leadership Fellows – Inaugural Cohort

The Foundation for Self Leadership created the Leadership Fellows Program, in partnership with the IFS Institute, to support current and future leaders from the Global Majority and LGBTQIA+ communities that have been traditionally marginalized by society.

The 24 champions and leaders were selected using a rigorous process and are currently engaged or willing to actively engage to make a difference in their community. They include community agency directors, coordinators, and psychotherapists; leaders of human-services or faith-based organizations; and social activists and advocates for the empowerment of marginalized groups.

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