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Executive Search

The Foundation is launching a global search for its next Executive Director. The target start date for the successful candidate, who will be serving in a half-time capacity, is July 1, 2019.

We are seeking a unique individual with seasoned executive experience, a proven track record in resource development and organizational leadership, and deep appreciation for to the Foundation’s vision, values, and ideals of Self leadership.

News Release | Criteria & Application Process | Note to IFS Community

SEARCH PROCESS. The Foundation’s Board will conduct the final interviews and will be solely responsible for making the final selection, informed by a list of viable candidates recommended by an ad-hoc Search Committee, which will review all applications and screen qualified candidates. Names of candidates and all documents and information relating to the search will be treated in complete confidentiality by members of the Committee, support staff, and Board, during and after the search.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications, informed by criteria and process requirements presented in the Executive Search "Criteria" Document above.

The Foundation vigorously embraces diversity of opinions and ideas throughout its activities and programs. We highly value and warmly welcome diversity across all aspects of human identity, including race, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, abilities, and military status.

Charge of Ad-hoc Executive Search Committee

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES. Guided by the volunteer Board of Directors, the new Executive Director will pursue the Foundation’s key priorities, building on a long list of accomplishments to date:

÷  Research: Stimulation and support of independent, rigorous research regarding the efficacy of IFS in various clinical settings, with a particular attention to examining IFS as a viable protocol for treating PTSD, depression, and addiction, with the intent to broaden the base of IFS-related empirical data;

÷  Youth: Active development and dissemination of Self-leadership applications in schools and among youth, fostering emotional development and resilience as a critical element of personal growth and development;

÷  Veterans: Continued promotion of IFS as a treatment for PTSD and depression, especially among returning war veterans, with the aim of making IFS one of the psychotherapies of choice at agencies and medical centers serving these vulnerable populations;

÷  Community: Enhanced leadership and service through greater participation in global initiatives focused on emotional health and wellbeing, closer collaboration with The Center for Self Leadership, sustained responsiveness to the IFS community’s needs, and deliberate facilitation of locally active communities of IFS practitioners.

Operationally, the Foundation seeks in its next phase of development to expand its funding base and elevate its visibility; broaden its external communications program to inspire and engage its community; and increase the effectiveness of its management and financial systems and processes.

The Foundation is dedicated to promoting the paradigm and practice of Self-leadership. By doing so, we vigorously pursue a vision of a world in which all individuals can harness their inner wisdom and achieve emotional healing and well-being. This is our contribution to greater inner peace and social harmony.

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