Challenge Gift: The Foundation has recently received another anonymous challenge gift of $25,000 USD. The donor would match the gift dollar to dollar if we can raise, with the help of the community, this amount of $25,000 by December 31, 2016. This donor’s funding and your continued support will help us proceed firmly toward three main goals: (1) support empirical IFS research further with the intent to make the IFS listing on NREPP more robust (turning listed “promising” outcomes into “effective” outcomes if the science warrants it); (2) work strategically to bring IFS to marginalized communities; and (3) broaden our efforts to showcase the positive effects of IFS on people’s lives.

New Research Approved. Upon recommendation of an independent review, the Board approved a new high-tech physiology study to be conducted jointly by

researchers at Northeastern University (Computational Behavioral Lab), the Justice Resource Institute’s Trauma Center, and a number of IFS therapists. This study will explore the effects of IFS sessions on the physiology of both client and therapist. A number of variables will be measured through computerized sensors, including parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous signals, and electro-dermal, respiratory, and cardiovascular signals. This empirical study will pave the way to further imaging-based IFS research and will add to our understanding of IFS.

Training Grants to Mental Health Agencies. The Foundation is in the early development phase of a new program aimed to offer training grants to mental health agencies serving individuals for whom IFS and other therapies are not commonly accessible. Criteria for such competitive grants will be established soon, with attention on marginalized communities. We look forward to reaching increasing segments of the population.

Soft Evidence through Stories of Self Leadership. You may have noticed a story in the last edition of OUTLOOK about the effect of IFS in coping with daily challenges. We intend to produce more of these stories to showcase and disseminate the richness of IFS that many experience. Testaments of IFS through personal stories and how it has impacted and enriched individual lives lends another layer of credibility to the model. This is the human experience side. We look forward to receiving and sharing these testaments with you.