The Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Harley Goldberg, DO, as the new Chair of its Board. Harley has served on the Board since the Foundation was activated in August 2013, and will serve in this new capacity for a three-year term. Harley is director of medical education and a physician executive with The Permanente Group, Northern California Kaiser Permanente. (Click here to read Harley’s bio.) Harley was appointed by a unanimous approval of his colleague members of the Board and follows Frank Anderson, MD, who served as the first Chair of the Board.

“What an honor it is to be allowed to meet and work with such high-value friends, on the Board and in the community, while also doing good for the world.” Harley remarked in reaction to his appointment. ”To be able to bring IFS into my life, the medical examination room, and organizational development (and to be thinking about IFS in conjunction with empirical research, to boot) is a blessing.”

He looks forward to sharing opportunities with the IFS community adding: “There is so much we can do to support the IFS community, and so much need and opportunity to develop applications of the IFS model in the world. The agenda for the Foundation Board is unfolding before us as the IFS universe expands.” [Click here for a letter from Harley about his selection as Chair.]

Charter members of the Board, which included, in addition to Frank and Harley, Mark Milton, Nancy Shadick, MD, MPH; and Ilina Singh, PhD; served for an initial two-year term.

At its 2015 IFS Conference meeting in Providence, RI, the Board appointed Lester Fagen, MA, JD, and Toufic Hakim, PhD, as its new members and expressed its warm gratitude to Ilina, who rotated off. In addition, the Board assigned executive leadership roles to Frank and Toufic, who will work collaboratively to manage the Foundation, overseeing respectively (a) development and research; and (b) operations and communications.

Frank Anderson, MD, who now transitions to a new role as Executive Director of Development and Research. Frank, a guest IFS trainer, is a psychiatrist in private practice with a specialty in treating effects of trauma and has developed and presented IFS-related workshops at many conferences and in various settings. “What a privilege it has been for me to have served as Chair and worked hard in the Foundation’s start-up phase of development,” he said as he appeared to transition effortlessly into his hew set of responsibilities. “We accomplished a lot in a very short time. As the Foundation moves into a new phase of growth and expansion, having developed a great team of very talented people, I am looking forward to a new role in which I can engage, along with Toufic and my colleagues and friends on the Board and in the community, in projects which I am very passionate about.” [Click here for a longer statement by Frank.]

About his new role, Toufic stated he was also honored and humbled by this formal assignment to serve the Foundation and the larger community. A former university professor in physics and engineering and senior research and grants officer, Toufic leads a consulting firm focused on funding, evaluation, and organizational capacity development. (Click here for Toufic’s bio.) “This new responsibility is a culmination of efforts I have wholeheartedly provided over the last few years as an active member of this community in support of CSL and the Foundation, both as a volunteer and as a consulting advisor.” “I am glad that I have the opportunity to give back,” he added, “considering that I discovered through the IFS, like many, a healthier view of myself and others. I look forward to continuing this meaningful work with a wonderful group of mindful, peacemaking individuals.”

The Board will be adding three more members within the next few months, after reviewing qualifications and interests of nominees. Members of the community are invited to submit nominations.

With the IFS Conference as the starting date, each member will serve a three-year term, twice renewable. Members will serve for staggered terms for a couple of years to ensure the three-year cycle is in place.

Current Board Membership (link to individual bios) 

Barbara Levine serves as Secretary to the Board.