Richard Schwartz, PhD has observed that he is trying to usher in a new paradigm with his IFS model of the human psyche. Now, the Foundation for Self Leadership has created its own paradigm shift with our IFS community magazine, named PARTS & SELF.

PARTS & SELF is an entirely new publication and, fundamentally, it is completely web-based. PARTS & SELF has been designed to make the online reading experience easy, so that navigating around the magazine and engaging with various content—text, video, images, audio formats – is smooth. The online platform fosters interaction.

PARTS & SELF represents a shift in focus. If we are to further IFS practice in the world, its paradigm must become more accessible to a wider audience. The new publication will continue to highlight the work of the IFS community in generating research studies and innovative applications. It will also provide thought-leadership in the larger space of individual and collective healing.

The Foundation Team began working on the new format in Spring 2022 with Helen E. Lees, PhD, as Editor, and Shaun Dempsey, PhD, as Deputy Editor.

“This is a platform for voices. It’s a democratic platform,” says Helen. “As Editor, I keep the door to this open. My job is to creatively curate. Opening doors to possibilities.”

Visit the magazine site at: