The Foundation for Self Leadership created the Leadership Fellows Program, in partnership with the IFS Institute, to support current and future leaders from the Global Majority and LGBTQIA+ communities that have been traditionally marginalized by society.

The 24 champions and leaders were selected using a rigorous process and are currently engaged or willing to actively engage to make a difference in their community. They include community agency directors, coordinators, and psychotherapists; leaders of human-services or faith-based organizations; and social activists and advocates for the empowerment of marginalized groups.

Executive Director of the Foundation, Toufic Hakim said,” This is our collective way to facilitate healing in marginalized communities and usher in greater racial and social equity in our world."

Over the course of the two-year program, individuals will participate in IFS training (Level 1 or Level 2); leadership development, mentoring and consultation sessions; and developing action plans on how they will enhance their leadership in their respective communities and contribute to community healing, following the completion of their Program.

We thank Requina Barnes, Chris Burris, Kathy Cox and, Fatimah Finney for their role in the selection process and also for acting as trainers for the group’s Level 1 program.

Members of the IFS community are invited to help sustain this significant IFS Leadership Fellows Program. To donate to the Fellows Fund or introduce the Foundation to interested philanthropists, visit:


Published in the IFS Newsletter on April 26, 2022