The Foundation is pleased to publish the October 2021 issue of OUTLOOK, its semi-annual magazine. This is the 14th issue and by far the largest and this news release introduces the first set of articles within it.

There is a richness of stories, from a series on IFS Therapy in groups to efforts for making IFS accessible to military veterans and servicemembers who stand to benefit significantly. Catch an update on the program that introduced notions of internal parts and Self leadership to school adults in Connecticut and the promising findings of its independent evaluation. And be moved and inspired by a personal story of transformation about how one's IFS-inspired awareness shifted everything for her.

This issue features the latest work on an IFS mobile app and on a popular podcast… and invites you to “Imagine with Us.”


October 2021
This is the 14th and by far the largest edition to date, reflecting the growth of IFS-related activities in this community! 

A sampling of articles appears below, in the first of two email installments.
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Bringing Therapy to the Masses
With IFS experiencing an exponential increase in interest worldwide, attention is turning to the role of the Model in group-based therapy.... [Read more…

Rethinking IFS Approaches for Military Veterans
Beau Laviolette, LCSW, and Ray Mount, PhD are founding members of a small group of
IFS-trained therapists, who serve and/or served in the military, through which they supported psychotherapists providing services for patients on a naval base.… [Read more…

From the Editor
As editor, I have sat in a seat of privilege for the past seven years. I have had the
opportunity to interact with so many incredible individuals and organizations from the IFS community. Therefore, you might imagine that it is tremendously bittersweet to announce this is my last edition... [Read more…

NEW | Sponsored Space
OUTLOOK welcomes and is grateful to the following sponsors,
whose support has made its publication possible.

The IFS Telehealth Collective -, by Theresa Velendzas, MS
Sentur.App, by Sarah Houy, MA, LPC & Faris Sweis
Daily Parts Meditation ProgramTM (DPMP), by Michelle Glass, CIFSP

The Elusive Self, a book by Marcel Duclos, LCMHC, LPC
Introduction to IFS workshop - en Español, by Analía Castaños, LMHC
(Please note that none of the Sponsored Spaces appearing in OUTLOOK is being formally endorsed by the Foundation for Self Leadership or IFS Institute, its sister organization. Sponsoring entities are not formally affiliated with either organization.)

Accessing Self Leadership in Schools - A Connecticut Initiative
Even amidst one of the most difficult years known to schools, educators in Connecticut steadfastly gathered to continue their efforts to connect with their own Self… [Read more…

On the Way to a “Self-Led School” Designation
Jayne Smith, PhD, LPCC shares the findings of an independent implementation evaluation of the recently completed pilot IFS in Schools project in Connecticut … [Read more…] 

IFS Research Updates
The Foundation-funded pilot study that examined the effects of the IFS protocol in treating 12 individuals experiencing complex PTSD has now been completed, leading the way to a larger two-year RCT.… [Read more…
Panel discussions/town-hall conversations

Making IFS Therapy Accessible
to Veterans & the Military


Fridays, November 19, December 3 and 17, 2021
2-4 pm Eastern US
Emergence of Group Self-Energy
Having run mindfulness-oriented groups, as well as facilitating group therapy generally for the last 15 years, Hagit Zeev, MA, LMFT, has turned her considerable skills to is conducting IFS-based groups in her California studio and online... [Read more…
Creating Healing Circles Using IFS and Group Therapy
Chris Burris LPC, LMFT has turned his attention to the potential benefits of IFS group therapy. He has observed a range of specific advantages to group therapy which are simply not available in a standard therapist/client therapeutic relationship.... [Read more…

IFS Steps into the Digital Age
Meet the creators of an IFS-specific app is designed to integrate a cohesive toolkit of IFS resources to support clients in organizing and deepening their IFS work… [Read more…]


The Power of Working with Collective Burdens
Ann Sinko, LMFT, IFS Lead Trainer, is well known for her work with legacy burdens inside the IFS Model. As a curious clinician looking for healing from her own ancestral issues, she developed a protocol for legacy and cultural unburdenings that has gained significant traction in IFS circles... [Read more…

Stories of Transformation: Fatimah Finney, MA, LMHC
“I don’t believe you.” It was a monumental existential crisis coming to split open the perfect sense of self I had subconsciously crafted.... [Read more…

The One Inside: An IFS Podcast
In April of 2019, certified IFS therapist Tammy Sollenberger, LCMHC, launched the podcast, with the intention of making IFS more accessible to the general public.… [Read more…

Building Self-Led Schools

What do our schools look like when school adults
tap into their core Self to connect with students?

Saturdays, 10 am to 12 pm (Eastern US | UTC-5)
January 8, January 22, February 5, 2022

From the Board
Taking Self leadership to the world—this is the aspiration that motivates us
as board members of the Foundation for Self Leadership. Some might consider
it grandiose for a relatively small group to champion such an ambitious vision… [Read more…

Imagine with Us…

In a world that seems to be crumbling…
     When our human fabric seems to be breaking at the seams,
     And open cracks swallow the light of optimism and hopefulness,
          Some will pray (may their prayers be heeded!);
          Some may breathe-in the strain and tension
          and breathe-out release and stillness... [Read more…]


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