The Foundation is pleased to release the November 2016 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how blending art with IFS could enhance one’s inner qualities; how incorporating the IFS Model into therapy or coaching could deepen healing for both client and IFS practitioner; and how the IFS paradigm may enhance the process and outcomes of executive coaching. 

Other community updates are featured, including a panel at the Mind and Life Europe conference featuring Richard, Schwartz, PhD, IFS Developer; and stories of personal transformation with IFS application.



We are pleased to share with you the November issue of OUTLOOK. 
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From the Board

Fall Greetings! Welcome to the November edition of OUTLOOK, the Foundation for Self Leadership’s community bulletin. This OUTLOOKbrings you news on the continued develop-ment of IFS research, as well as other activities to promote the application of IFS in realms outside of traditional psychotherapy. Independent IFS research supported by the Foundation has already produced the recognition by NREPP/SAMHSA of IFS as having evidence of effectiveness for specific conditions, with some additional outcomes noted as promising. [Read more…]


From the Editor

As a community bulletin, inside theses pages of OUTLOOK, we are pleased to inform and delight you with IFS community-building and Foundation-related endeavors. As you will see, the past six months have been productive. Among some of the items presented here, you will find exciting developments on our new global campaign and the many advances toward our mission, both of which strengthen our reach of IFS, internally and externally. [Read more…]


Research News

Highly Encouraging Preliminary Results for Foundation-Funded Trauma Pilot Study

The Trauma Center, in collaboration with a group of IFS-certified therapists, has recently completed data collection on the first study of IFS for adults with PTSD who have a history of childhood trauma. About the Study: A total of 17 individuals participated in the study, all with current severe PTSD diagnosis and depressive symptoms and exposed to trauma before age 18. [Read more…]

Call for Research Studies

Interested in conducting research involving IFS? Have researcher colleagues who may be interested in examining the efficacy of IFS in various settings? [Read more…]


In Psychotherapy and Counseling

Drawing from Creativity to Enhance Other Self Qualities: ArtIFS

Using creativity as a starting point, and knowing that “drawing” has its own therapeutic mindfulness-inducing qualities, Nadine Menezes and Andreas Michael, MSc, have developed a practice that blends art with IFS. They have conceived of this approach after the two visited the Tate Modern art gallery in London during their Level One IFS training. [Read more…]


Embodying the IFS Model for Both Client and Therapist

One of the Foundation’s own, Editor and Donor Steward Associate Michelle Glass, has just completed a new guidebook developed for both IFS clients and practitioners. The book and the process she presents within it are the culmination of many years of deep inner work and her recent counseling work as a certified IFS practitioner. [Read more…]


Beyond Psychotherapy and Counseling

Peace through Emotional Learning  A Global Campaign in Partnership with E4P
The Foundation for Self Leadership is thrilled to share the following significant development with the community: Through a joint venture with Education 4 Peace (E4P), both 
organizations will be launching a global campaign to promote self-awareness and emotional connection. [Read more…]


It Takes a Community  New Common-Interest Groups 
Since it was activated in late 2013, the Foundation has inspired and engaged a dedicated corps of individuals in the coordination of key strategies and activities in support of the Foundation’s mission. Few are honoraria-receiving associates, while most are partners who volunteer their time and efforts to help expand IFS in areas of priority, within and beyond psychotherapy, consistent with their expertise and interest. [Read more…]


Building the Inner Team  An Essential Step for Executive Leadership

Leadership Consultant Drew Dougherty, MBA, MA, who will be presenting Cultivating Inner Team Leadership along with Mark Hurwich, MBA, NLP, at the Annual Conference this November, has served as an executive coach within organizations for the past nineteen years, facilitating “missing conversations” that are critical for effective action by leaders, teams, and organizations.  [Read more…]


Community Connections

From One Hope Merchant to Another

As members of this community may know, IFS Developer Richard Schwartz, PhD, served on a panel at the Mind and Life Europe Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on September 9th. A major theme of the conference was how compassion and leadership can change the world when it comes to “Power and Care,” words used to describe the two perennial polarities (both inner and outer). [Read more…]


Stories of Transformation

Oh Creeto, you must be exhausted!

Perfectionism, we’re told, paralyzes us, drowning us into anxiety or depression, giving us the illusion of righteousness and exclusivity. But it won’t happen to me, I assured myself for the longest time. I quietly embraced perfectionism as my MO, my special gift, believing in my core, it appeared, that this was my nature. [Read more…]


Operational Update

Directors, associates, and volunteering partners of the Foundation continue to work diligently on behalf of the community to make progress toward the mission of advancing IFS research, increasing access to training, and disseminating the IFS paradigm in many settings beyond psychotherapy to enhance the workplace environment and daily living.  [Read more…]


Why do you donateto the Foundation?...

“I give money to the IFS Foundation. Why? Because I believe in IFS therapy and in its value for individuals and society. Having experienced IFS, I know how much good it can do. Over the years I have been in many kinds of therapy with many therapists, but never have they touched me the way IFS has." [Read more…]



OUTLOOK is an occasional bulletin that the Foundation for Self Leadership will publish to share news relevant to IFS, the IFS community, and developments relating to the Foundation. The ultimate purpose of OUTLOOK is to support the Foundation’s mission of promoting the notion and agency of Self leadership.

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