The Foundation celebrated its fifth anniversary at the 2018 IFS Conference.

Morning Program. At the opening plenary, Executive Director Toufic Hakim, PhD, again affirmed that in order to bring healing and wellbeing to the world through the IFS Self-parts protocol and paradigm, “all of us, together, are invited to sustain momentum for this movement. Together, as a triad: The Center for Self Leadership (CSL); you, the IFS community, and your Foundation.”

This video was produced by Michael Thompson, TnT Video Services

He applauded the self-initiated efforts of individuals in the community who have pushed the IFS envelope in many areas and across the globe, from research and youth education to legal mediation and medical training; and the sustained efforts of CSL, which has hosted nearly 400 IFS trainings and today boasts of a community 37,000-strong across 50 countries.

“When we engage together,” he stated, you (the community), CSL and the Foundation, we can achieve broad and deep collective impact, helping the world develop the capacity to heal itself—which we all wish for.”

He then highlighted accomplishments through the Foundation in the areas of research, IFS in schools, and advocacy and ended his presentation by unveiling a new two-minute video about the mission and vision of the Foundation.

Evening Reception. The Foundation hosted an evening reception, convened by Board Member and Senior IFS Lead Trainer Pamela Krause, MSW, LCSW, during which Vice Chair Frank Anderson, MD, updated the community on developments around the Take5 Campaign.

The new Self-Leadership-Qualities greeting cards were unveiled and given out as a token of appreciation.

(To learn more about the cards and how to acquire them, please go to the IFS Store and check out Tools.)

Attendees then socialized and explored the work of the Foundation around Research, Education, Advocacy, and Community Connections.

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The Foundation is thankful to those attending the reception and for their generous contributions that amounted to $7,498.