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2015 Foundation Friday

Applauding NREPP Milestones, Supporting Steady Progress, and Celebrating IFS Community

The IFS community is a critical partner in the work of the Foundation for Self Leadership.

By working together, we can maintain a steady pace toward our shared vision. Our joint efforts consist of opening a new metaphorical window into the human psyche through the IFS lens and disseminating a language of parts and Self, to which many have referred as transformative. This effort is driven by our common, collective intention to facilitate emotional healing and well-being for, ultimately, all individuals, be they in local neighborhoods and communities or in faraway corners of the globe, not only within clinical psychotherapy setting but also, and perhaps most importantly, throughout various facets of daily life.

A few hundred of us gather annually at the IFS Conference, which has played an important roles in building this vibrant community. The Conference continues to present a significant opportunity for us, individuals practicing and interested in IFS, to learn from each other about promising applications of the protocol and paradigm. We engage in conversations about strategic ways to broaden and deepen the effects of the model on establishing harmony within our own selves and our clients’, and in our interactions with others.

It is within this context that the Foundation chooses to work closely with members of the community in meaningful ways at the annual conference. In 2013 and 2014, the Foundation hosted well-attended galas to launch its activities for advancing research and advocacy, acknowledge contributing volunteers to these efforts, and raise funds to support its nonprofit mission. 


Video and recording was made by Sally Plone, MA., LMHC. She is an IFS therapist who enjoys utilizing video to help teach and spread the word about IFS.

2015 Events

Responding to expressed concerns that these events did not make it possible for all attendees to participate, the Foundation changed its approach and hosted events for all attendees at the 2015 IFS Conference during what is now called Foundation Friday. The day was planned by Pamela Krause, LCSW, IFS Lead Trainer; Jenn Matheson, PhD, LMFT; and Laura Crandall, Med; and initiated by Frank Anderson, Chair, on behalf of the Board.

The morning session included a presentation by Frank Anderson, MD, Chair, about latest developments, followed by a special, timely announcement regarding the posting of IFS on the U.S. SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). This posting, which now acknowledges IFS through a rigorous independent review as an evidence-based practice, represents a milestone for the modality (more on this below).

The announcement was followed by an overview of the first Foundation-funded PTSD pilot study at the Trauma Center by PI Hilary Hogdon, PhD, and a keynote address by Michael Mithoefer, MD, on the very promising results of his effective MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research and its effects on treating individuals suffering from PTSD.

Through the efforts of IFS Lead Trainer Pam Krause, LCSW, the Foundation organized its first Silent Auction event, to which 34 individuals and the Center for Self Leadership contributed 48 items valued at more than $25,000 USD, and in which a large number of attendees participated. Thanks to the generosity of our members, the Silent Auction raised nearly $13,000 USD in support of the strategic priorities of the Foundation (See below).

2015 Silent Auction

This was the first such event organized by the Foundation. It was a wonderful start-up success. The Auction was coordinated by Pam Krause and the 30+-foot-long spread of donated items was staffed throughout Friday and for half a day on Saturday by Pam Krause, LCSW; Carol Graybel, MS, LCSW; Laura Crandall, Med; and Jenn Matheson, PhD, LMFT.

There were 48 items in this Auction. It was quite engaging browsing through the items and watching participants walk up and down the tables deciding which items would be of interest and competing for them. Donated items included hour-long IFS consultations by IFS therapists, including Founder Dick Schwartz; registration to IFS Conference registration and several IFS products and DVD baskets offered by CSL; a couples Intimacy from the Inside Out training by Toni Herbine-Blank; original paintings and drawings; two-night stay at a cottage in Newport, RI; a weekend in the Poconos; a paddleboat lesson; several Amazon gift certificates and Prime memberships; IFS puppets; two big blocks of Le Marechal cheese, fresh from Switzerland;  and other gift certificates. 

Items received multiple bids and the event raised $12,603 USD. The Foundation offers a not-so-silent shout of thanks to the auction’s coordinating volunteers and acknowledge all contributors (see 2015 Donors).

Owing to its great success, this event is being considered for the 2016 Foundation Friday. We hope for an even broader participation. 

Announcing IFS as Evidence-Based Practice

The NREPP announcement was in many ways electrifying. Nancy Sowell, MSW, LICSW, who had initiated the first published IFS research study, which was led by researcher (and board member since 2013) Nancy Shadick, MD, MPH. Nancy Sowell presented the news to an emotional audience, soliciting unprompted loud applause and cheers and bringing all attendees to their feet. She was joined on stage before the announcement by Frank Anderson; Dick Schwartz, PhD, founder of the IFS model; Jon Schwartz, MA, Executive Director of the Center for Self Leadership; Nancy Shadick; and Toufic Hakim; then- Executive Advisor to the Foundation—and individual responsible for preparing a comprehensive application requesting the posting on NREPP and engaging with the NREPP coordinators to complete the review process. The IFS posting can be viewed at http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/ProgramProfile.aspx?id=1.

It is worth repeating that IFS Therapy was found, through an NREPP-conducted review of the Shadick/Sowell paper and other IFS resources, effective or promising as a treatment for achieving five outcomes: effective for improving general functioning and well-being; and promising for (a) reducing phobia, panic, and generalized anxiety disorders and symptoms; (b) improving physical health conditions and symptoms; (c) improving personal resilience and self-concept; and (d) reducing depression and depressive symptoms.

This is very significant for the IFS community and all those who stand to benefit from IFS treatments in the future. As Nancy Sowell noted: “All of us who have been using IFS for many years have finally received validation for our practice…What we have known anecdotally has now become credible.  Acknowledgement in the value of IFS by a governing institution with far-reaching impact and the power to open new opportunities is especially sweet.” {To read about Nancy Sowell’s reactions to the NREPP posting, please click here.]

Awards & Recognition

At the Foundation Friday lunch, the Board recognized three volunteers and two associates for their dedication to advancing IFS research and advocacy.

  • Michelle Glass, Grant Leitheiser, and Barbara Levine for outstanding volunteer contributions to advancing IFS and strengthening the Foundation's communication and development efforts.
  • Wendy Hrubec, for consistent efforts in coordinating and implementing the IFS treatment component of the IFS trauma study.
  • Mary Mitrovich, for great dedication and diligent effort in support of the Foundation's financial management activities.