Conflicts between parts of our internal system often manifest themselves as severe pain inside of us and difficult problems in the outside world. Unless these conflicts are defused and resolved, we will experience continued unease and discomfort within ourselves, in our relationships, and in everything we do in the household and the workplace.

• The lingering pain from trauma and mental illness is at crisis levels globally, causing significant loss of lives, serious loss of productivity, and a growing number of ruined lives. IFS promises to be an effective and accelerated treatment for individuals experiencing emotional pain or suicidal ideation due to depression and PTSD.

• Often, our harsh judgments of ourselves and others negatively affects our relationships and our environment at home and at work. This makes it difficult for us to cope successfully with life’s challenges. The IFS model and paradigm guides us to an inner source of compassion and curiosity. Accepting our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and those of others without judgment is an important step toward achieving inner and outer harmony and peace.

• Establishing healthy intrapersonal and interpersonal relations is often low on the list of organizational priorities. Incorporating a human-centered awareness and the non-judgmental approach of Self leadership would change, according to what IFS business practitioners have seen, how governance and decision-making occur, and significantly rejuvenate the organizational setting.

The IFS model offers a framework for reducing such conflicts and a technique for treating, healing, and preventing emotional pain.


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It is in this context that the Foundation is launching a three-year $1.5M campaign to address these concerns.

Our objective is to fund research involving IFS that will help establish IFS as an evidence-based practice within psychotherapy (e.g., treating effects of trauma and sources of depression), education (e.g., promoting self-awareness), across human services and other fields, from couples counseling and health coaching to legal mediation and organizational governance.

Our vision is to help bring individual healing and wellbeing, and organizational harmony through IFS and Self Leadership.


We are mental health professionals—psychologists and psychiatrists, clinical social workers and counselors.

We are medical doctors and clinical researchers.

We are health and business coaches.

We are teachers, executives, attorneys, and entrepreneurs; we are individuals looking for answers about the inner world and are on the path of emotional healing ourselves.

We are individuals seeking healthier connections with our life or business partners, or working to build welcoming environments at our businesses and organizations.

We are volunteer members of the Foundation’s charter Board of Directors, working collaboratively with a dedicated corps of volunteers and supported by a team of advisors and colleagues at the Center for Self Leadership, the home base for the IFS model.

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