Foundation for Self Leadership EXCHANGE

The Foundation for Self Leadership exists to advance emotional and relational healing--for a world in need--through the paradigm and practices described by IFS.

The Foundation achieves this by funding independent research that adds to the empirical evidence about IFS, and by incubating programs that take IFS beyond the clinical setting into communities that have been marginalized and/or traumatized. And by advocating for the practice of Self-leadership through various outreach programs, including PARTS & SELF.

The EXCHANGE has been created to facilitate a new level of interchange with the Foundation and among those who are using IFS around the world, in all sorts of ways. We will exchange ideas, initiatives, innovative applications, best practices with a global system of practitioners on various social media channels.

The EXCHANGE begins with three geographic regions where there is a strong presence of practitioners and volunteer leadership. We will begin with the existing Foundation Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn channels. The vision is to grow the EXCHANGE to include more regions, especially those beyond English-speaking communities. Also, to create global communities of interest around a particular areas of interest.

This program was initiated and is managed by a team of dedicated volunteer Ambassadors who saw the potential this has to help advance the practice of Self-leadership. The initiative is almost entirely volunteer-driven so the Foundation for Self Leadership is deeply grateful to our inaugural ambassadors of the EXCHANGE:


Raphaela Carriere, Europe
Stephanie Mitchel, Australia
Theresa Velendzas, North America

You can contact them about the program at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer in the EXCHANGE, please let us know by submitting the following form: