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Planning Overview

The Foundation’s statements of vision, values, and strategic priorities were approved by the Board on August 29, 2014. They were the result of a long deliberation period, following the analysis of insights and perspectives from constituents within the larger IFS community, including members of the IFS research committees (see Research pages), IFS trainees, and respondents to an open survey. The Board thanks all those who contributed valuable comments and acknowledges that these statements are designed to give the Foundation a road map toward achieving its vision of bringing inner healing and well-bring to individuals and organizations.

The Foundation conducts its work in collaboration with a number of stakeholders, among them the Center for Self Leadership and all IFS training sites, currently in North America, Europe, and the Middle East; and the community of trained IFS psychotherapists and practitioners. And it does so on behalf of many anonymous individual patients and clients, who have benefited from IFS therapy, individuals who have discovered inner wisdom and harmony and a clearer view of the world around them through the IFS model; and all future individuals and organizations that would benefit from IFS as a paradigm for peaceful living and governance.

In August 2014, the Foundation’s Board set in motion a plan of action that establishes short-term priorities and longer-term strategy for broadening interest and building empirical evidence for IFS in psychotherapy and beyond, and for supporting trainees through need-based scholarships.