The Board is committed to working with the community at large to advance the Foundation's mission and priorities. The 2020 Board includes Vicki J. McCoy, MA, Chair;Toufic Hakim, PhD, Executive Director; Reauina Barnes, LICSW; Lester Fagen, MA, JD; Pamela Krause, MSW, LCSW; and Mark Milton. Click here for the original board members.

The Board further collaborates on IFS-related development with IFS Institute's Founding President, Richard Schwartz, PhD, and its Executive Director, Jon Schwartz, MEd, and has received valuable support in its launch phase from other members of its staff.

Vicki McCoy

Vicki J. McCoy, MA

Vicki J. McCoy is the Chair of the Board. She is an organizational development and communications consultant who specializes in developing high-functioning leaders and teams that communicate powerfully to get results. As president of her own consulting firm, McCoy Communications and Training, LLC, and cocreator of a comprehensive development program called Raising the Bar: Empowering Greatness in Individuals and Teams, Vicki is a sought-after executive coach who counts among her clients several leaders in government.

In 2010, Vicki was introduced to IFS by long-time friend and certified IFS therapist Stewart Brown, PhD, at a retreat where she discovered first-hand the healing nature of the Model. “This is therapy that works!” Vicki relates. “I also knew from the get-go that IFS was more than a therapeutic model.” She recognizes that IFS has the potential for a broad and growing reach that will help heal the world and create peace within that will be reflected without, whether with adults or children. “To have the opportunity to participate in the effort to take IFS as far out into the world as we possibly can—into schools and hospitals, into peacemaking and community-building, into self-awareness training, and into the arts and sports—is an exciting adventure and a great privilege,” remarks Vicki. Of her new role, she says, “It is an honor to become part of the Foundation Board, a group of dedicated, accomplished, and humble people who clearly have a great time working together.”

Chair's Letter to Community


Toufic Hakim

Toufic M. Hakim, Ph.D.

Toufic M. Hakim, Ph.D., supports the Foundation presently as Executive Director. Previously, he served a Executive Director for Operations and Communications and Executve Advisor since the Foundation's activation. He is currently Senior Managing Principal of Group i&i Consultancy, a firm dedicated to developing organizational capacity, assessments, and funding. His former contributions were in the domain of higher education, where he served as Professor of Physics and Engineering, Assistant to the President, and Senior Research and Grants Officer. He also led two large professional societies as elected president and full-time executive officer. Toufic is drawn to IFS and the work of the Foundation, for which he has provided strategic advice since its reactivation. He continues to be fascinated with systems and interactions, intrigued by language and imagery, and deeply committed to peacemaking.



Requina Barnes

Requina Barnes, LICSW

Requina Barnes, LICSW, recently joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team. She is the owner of Strength, Inc., a private practice where she provides outpatient therapy services to individuals and couples, primarily with people of color focusing on relationship challenges, work obstacles, and trauma in Boston, MA. Requina has worked across populations from young children, adolescents, adults and families, in school settings, court settings, residential settings and mental health clinics for over ten years.

She was introduced to the Model in 2011, has become an active program assistant (PA), and enjoys being part of a great community. Her first PA experience, in collaboration with Black Therapists RockTM and The Center for Self Leadership, was earlier this year in Silver Springs, Maryland. She has seen the power of the Model and appreciates that it allows individuals to uncover deep-rooted parts of themselves and to begin the healing process. “I look forward to being a board member and contributing to community initiatives, research, and diversity,” Requina says of her new position. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, doing yoga, and listening to Audible books. 


lester 124x170

Lester Fagen, M.A., J.D.

Lester Fagen, M.A., J.D., has been practicing as a business counsellor and lawyer for over 30 years, representing healthcare companies and entrepreneurs turning vision into successful companies. He is a partner in the Boston office of Cooley, LLP, for which he was founder and head of the Business Group, and has been recognized as a leading attorney by a number of industry groups. In his practice he has served on the Board and advised many non-profits and is interested in the potential of IFS to optimize organizational performance and to enhance the ability of parties to negotiate effective agreements.



Kelly Profile

Kelly Gaule, CAP

Kelly Gaule served as the Foundation’s Senior Development Advisor and Associate before joining the Board. She is leading principal with PROMUS+, a development consulting practice driven by a passion for the ability of diverse nonprofits to change lives and the possibility that they can secure funds for doing so through thoughtful and well-executed plans. Kelly has operated successfully in the development space for two decades and directed development and marketing programs with social-impact-conscious organizations.

For her, the engagement with the Foundation is well-aligned with her personal interest of doing work that has significant social meaning and deep impact on our world and humanity. When she was introduced to the model, she was "immediately struck by how simple the concept was – to change the world, we needed to look no further than ourselves." "Little did I know," she added, "I was about to begin a journey that has no end, just a continuous commitment to the health and well-being of Self."

Pam Krause

Pamela K. Krause, MSW, LCSW

Pamela K. Krause is a Certified IFS therapist and Senior Lead Trainer for The Center for Self Leadership who has a private practice with adults and adoles- cents near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pam has adapted the Model for use with children and adolescents. In addition, along with Richard Schwartz, PhD, and Toni Herbine-Blank, RN, MS, CS-P, Pam teaches IFS through the online IFS Circle, now beginning its second year. “I love this Model and am interested in doing whatever I can to spread it to others,” she declares.

Pam has been an active community member ever since her IFS training began in 1998 and has worked tangentially with the Board since it was formed in 2013. Before the Foundation was conceived, she was a member of the Research Team Coordinating Committee and served on a small group that developed the IFS Adherence Scale Instrument. “I love the Foundation’s mission of research and spreading the Model to the world. I’m happy to be part of this endeavor. I hope the Foundation can continue to support significant research with the Model and I feel grateful to lend my energy toward that goal.”



mark milton1

Mark Milton

Mark Milton has been involved in the field of education and empathy for the past 20 years. In 2002 he founded Education 4 Peace (E4P), a Swiss non-profit Foundation, which explores ways to enhance the future of education for children towards self-awareness, inner-peace and compassion. He practices as a therapist as well as a coach promoting Self Leadership, organizational development and governance. Mark initiated the first international congress on the theme of "Emotional Health" in 2007, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO). He values a holistic approach and is trained in Nonviolent Communication, IFS, Appreciative Inquiry, and Sociocracy. He is interested in bringing IFS into the non-therapeutic environment.