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About the Foundation

The Foundation for Self Leadership, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Illinois in 2001, is dedicated to advancing IFS by supporting research, scholarship, and outreach.

Foundation's Purpose

To advance IFS research and expand access to the IFS model. Recognizing the potential impact of IFS on improving the human condition as both an effective psychotherapy modality and a powerful paradigm for understanding the human psyche, the dual aim of the Foundation for Self Leadership is to advance empirical research about the efficacy of IFS and expand access to the model among practitioners across diverse professional fields as well as within the society at large. Through its efforts, The Foundation will help set and implement strategic directions and priorities for expanding the reach and scope of IFS.

Foundation Board

The Foundation is governed by an independent, volunteer board of directors. Members of this founding board, serving an initial two-year term, will be responsible for a number of significant activities:

  • Lead the Foundation’s early development efforts on behalf of IFS.
  • Oversee the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive IFS research agenda by closely coordinating with the IFS volunteer research committees.
  • Broaden, promote, and oversee a scholarship program to increase access to IFS training
  • Establish the Foundation’s fiscal and fundraising policy and related efforts to advance IFS.

View here list of current board members.